Hear what our customers are saying!

"I must say that we are super pleased we selected the Smash-ItTM waste compactor!  It is very easy to use and it does one heck of a job.  Our first waste pick up, we compacted enough barrels to pay for the cost of the compactor.  Thank you so much for your time and help.

-C. Reynolds, Oregon


"As a large quantity generator of Hazardous Waste, the Smash-ItTM compactor is working great compacting our hazardous waste into cubic yard boxes.  By compacting the waste, we have less time invested in handling waste containers, fewer containers, more storage space and minimized shipping.  It is simple for anyone to use and simple installation with just an air line feed. In time, it will pay for itself and generate savings thereafter. It's a win all around!"

-T. Foley, Kentucky


"We bought a Smash-It™ pneumatic compactor to replace the manual compactor we are using at our facility in Alabama.  We found we increased by a quarter the weight we could compress in a drum.  This reduction in the barrel cost will recoup the compactor cost alone but the real savings has been in cycle time.  The time spent on this task at our facility has reduced from 1 1/2 - 1 3/4 hrs a day using the manual compactor, to less than 1/2 hr using the Smash-It™ pneumatic compactor, which frees up the operator for other tasks.  This was a good purchase for us."

- J. Ellis, Alabama


"We purchased a Smash-It™ compactor to compact our paint filters and solvent rags into cubic yard boxes.  Prior to purchasing the compactor, we disposed of 12 cubic yard boxes per month at the cost of $475.00 per container.  That is a cost of $5,700.00 per month for disposal.

Since using the Smash-It™ Cubic Yard Box Compactor, we are able to compact 3 boxes into 1.  This is a cost savings of $3,800.00 per month.  We anticipate the savings of $45,600.00 per year using the compactor.  Because this machine has saved us so much, we are looking into buying one more for this facility and recommend the compactor for our other facilities which could benefit from using a compactor."
- K. Bradley, Utah


"We recently purchased a Smash-It™ compactor in hopes of reducing the frequency and number of 55 gallon drums we were recycling. At the time we were having a drum pickup every 2 weeks at $300.00 a drum.

Since using the compactor, we have reduced the frequency of pickups and currently looking at a pickup every 2 months. We also are able to use it on other material in our neighboring facility. We anticipate saving over $8,000.00 annually and are looking for other uses in all our locations."

- T. Guitron, California