Fluorescent Bulb Crusher


  • American Compactor, Inc.

• Safely and Economically Reduce Fluorescent Bulb
  Disposal Costs

• Minimize Spent Bulb Storage Space
• Fast and Easy to Use
• Environmentally Friendly – EPA and OSHA

Nationwide Recycling is Available for both Crushed and Intact Bulbs

Crushed Bulbs:
Full drums of crushed fluorescent bulbs are picked up and empty drums are left.  After the recycling is completed, a Certificate of Recycling is provided for your documentation.

Intact Bulbs:
Prepaid boxes are filled and then shipped to the recycling center. A Certificate of Recycling is issued for documentation.


• T5, T8, T12, T17 Entry Tubes – The size of the entry tube must correspond with
  the bulb size.

• Drum Dolly – Provides mobility for the drum and Fluorescent Bulb Crusher
• 55 Gallon Drums
• Replacement Filter Kits – One kit will last for ten (10) drums of crushed bulbs.
• Replacement Spinner Assembly.


Machine Type U Bend and Straight Lamp Crusher
Capacity of 4' T12 Lamps* 875
Capacity of 4' T12 U-Tube Lamps* 450
Capacity of 4' T17 Lamps* 300
Capacity of 4' T8 Lamps* 1350
Capacity of 8' T12 Lamps* 400
Description/Special Features Crushes Straight Lamps and
U Bend Lamps

U-Tube Chute, T12 Entry Tube,
Filter Combo Kit, Spinner Assembly and
Carbon Filter, Drum Not Included

Material of Construction Steel, Plastic and Rubber
Compliance Not Available in CA, MN, MO,
ME, VT, NH, CT, RI, WV, & PA.

*Individual experience may vary.
*The Bulb Crusher is intended for on-site crushing of lamps generated from the same location.

*Plastic-coated shatterproof lamps cannot be crushed in the Bulb Crusher.


Click here to download our Fluorescent Bulb Crusher brochure (CFL/Straight/U Shaped)
Click here to download our Fluorescent Bulb Crusher brochure (Straight/U Shaped)